Saturday 20 May 2017

Third time

About submission:

If our chosen publisher give us a chance for explain our story, we must to prepare a strong and short pitch, maximum five minute long, for impress our editor and assure him about the success of our story. Under the best of circumstances, we'll have the privilege of prove our professional skill for our first time, and live the dream. Make our strongest passion our profession, a bit like Leonidas and the 300.

In talent we trust.

Tuesday 18 April 2017

Second time

About submission:

Second step: After reading the proposal requirements is better for us 
make a good planning we could start to make our storyboard, better of all the story, 
so as to be able to see all the pages of our story.
Once we start, there is no stopping, no hesitation of make errors.
Often is the best way to grow up our ability to tell.
First of all is good start work for a solid pre-production, while we are writing our plot, 
we must knowing through the drawing our characters and main locations, the moodboards.
Once concluded this phase, we should to choose around five pages for prove 
our skill to the publisher of our choosing.

Saturday 18 March 2017

First time

About submission:

First step: choose the goal, so your target publisher, the nearest, of course, 
at your interpretation of comic like language.
Your nearest publisher about the way to tell, the typology of shots, narrative rhythm.
After you've chosen your publisher, you'll must prepare for better and for worst times.
When you'll be refused one or more time by your publisher, when external problems are trying to stop your desire to win, to prove your particular ability to storytelling.
You'll must be strong like first day when you said to yourself "I start".
So now we can start!